Meet Our Staff

Friendly Bike Enthusiasts

At Dirty Harry's, every member of our staff is here to help you enjoy your next bike ride. We have talented mechanics who sometimes make their way onto the sales floor to answer questions. We have folks who tear up local trails, commute daily, and can't wait to help you get started on your two-wheeled adventure. Visit us today to meet our team.

Barry Jeffries


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Come share your two wheel experiences with us. At Dirty Harry's we have created a shop that is comfortable for all types of riders anywhere from beginners to racers.

Come visit our store. We really put our heart and soul into what we do. Do what you like, like what you do.

Scotty Root

Sales & Warranty

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Hometown: Murrysville, PA
Riding style: Fast & smooth
Favorite place to ride: Anywhere on Laurel Ridge
Favorite Trail Food: Mojo Bars/ROCTANE/PB&J
Best Biking Vacation: Southern France
When I'm Not Riding: I'm thinking about riding
Personal Philosophy: You do your thing - I'll do mine.

John Schmidt


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A.K.A "Schmidt" or "The Bludgond."
I've been wrenching for over 5 years now. The last three have been at Dirty Harry's. I've been riding and XC skiing for 16 years. I've been a drummer by night for 30 years. Almost deaf, almost blind, but still going strong.

John more than likely puts in more miles in the dark that anyone we know. Riding at least an hour almost everyday, usually at night, no matter what the weather, around the Frick park area. If you pass someone riding at midnight on a tuesday in that area, there is a good chance it is John.

Brocc Kaylor